An update from Markus: Status Report

Dear pledgers,

Getting everything together for the release of TM513 is a major effort. Here’s the current state of things as a list:

- 5.1 mix by Robert Rich: I haven’t heard this mix yet, but knowing Robert, I know it will be perfect. I gave Robert the freedom to create a fully-immersive soundstage, like you’re sitting right in with the orchestra. We’re still waiting for David Torn to send us his overdubbed parts, and this delay puts us back a few weeks, but to me it’s worth the wait and I hope you will agree.
- Stereo mix by Gusty and Thomas: I will send a last list of feedback which will get incorporated into the mix, then it’s done. Sounds wonderful! It’s extremely detailed.
- Score: Thomas has managed to format the score in such a way that it is much more readable. Once he sends me the files I’ll send out the PDFs to those of you who pledged for it.
- Artwork: Tobias and I have compiled the text, credits, etc. today. Designer Ritxi Ostariz will design the CD cover, t-shirt, etc. next week.
- Performance video: Basically done.
- Documentary film: I’m in close contact with Jack Casadone. He’s sent me his first rough “cinema verité” cut, which is almost 70 minutes long, and it already works very well. We’re deliberately going for something slow, relaxed, and real.

The gist of this is that the pressing of the CD and DVD is going to be delayed by several weeks, which, to be honest, was to be expected given the complexity of the final “product”. Overall I’m very happy with the progress we’re making, and the recording is actually exceeding my expectations by far. Everyone involved has done such an amazing job.

Thank you all again for your support! I’ll keep you posted.


p.s. We’ve recently put together a “street team” to help promote TM513, if you want to be part of it or if you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch at
p.p.s. Please keep sharing the premiere video on social networks:

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Countdown (1): Release in 8 hours

One last official update before the campaign ends in 8 hours, and the download is being released to all of you:

Jack Casadone has made another wonderful short video to say thank you to you all. Please see below.

Thanks for a great campaign!
Markus, Thomas, Nikki, Tobias, and Jack

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Countdown (2): Download released to pledgers tomorrow

Dear pledgers,

In approximately 17 hours, right in time for summer solstice, the download of the world premiere recording will get released to you. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Thank you all for your support. I’m glad I wasn’t alone carrying this all through. Feeling very tired right now, and hoping TM513 will develop a life of its own very soon. :-)

Please get in touch at any time.


Jack, Jaanus, and Tobias after the premiere of TM513

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Countdown (3): Music Without Boundaries

Hi there,

History: Towards the end of the 19th Century and into the early 20th Century, composers began to search for new sounds, methods, and systems. Many of the late Romantic composers pushed the boundaries of tonal music hard, using chromaticism, sometimes veering into atonality. Composers in the 20th Century tried to create music based on different systems, some using electronics and new sounds, others creating new ways to order the tonal system, such as 12 tone/serial composition. As the 20th Century matured, some composers chose to pursue increasingly mathematical systems of composition, while others moved towards neo-Romanticism. In popular music, jazz and rock musicians also experimented. Think Ornette Coleman and the free jazz movement, or late Coltrane, and of course, Miles, who never let the grass grow under his behind :) Progressive rock experimented with everything from classical music to electronics.

The search for something new, some new creative territory, has always been a part of the creative process. The difficulty of the creative search through the 20th Century has been how to combine intellectual efforts with emotion impact. In other words, how to be a Romantic in a new creative realm.

So where does Todmorden 513 by German composer Markus Reuter fit into this history? It’s possible it is the culmination of many earlier efforts. I believe that Markus has discovered a compositional method that utilizes an intellectual and mathematical system of composition that delivers a powerful emotional message. TM 513 is a powerful Romantic work that uses a new method of composition.

Please help us and share this before this campaign wraps up in a few days! Let’s try to create a little bit of a buzz. Thank you for your support!

Soon we can share TM 513 with you, and you can listen and discover its secrets for yourself!


p.s. Link to premiere video:
p.p.s. Link to this campaign:

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Countdown (4): Promo CDs have arrived

Hi pledgers,

Just a quick update: The TM513 promo CDs have just been delivered to my friend Vladimir in NYC. I’m very happy that the promo campaign can start soon. The objectives are to find a great label for the release proper, and to make the piece known in the orchestra world. If you have promotional ideas, please share!

Vladimir sent me the photo you can see below. He’s also got a great interview project online (, of which I was one of the first interviewees. And I was talking about TM513… :-) I’m linking to the video below as well.

More very soon!

Vladimir 513


“In search of a new sound world”: Markus Reuter talks about the ideas behind Todmorden 513

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Countdown (5): Reflections on a post Todmorden 513 world by Thomas

In the midst of a load of nonsense from all sides, I continue to work with Gusty and reflect upon TM513. A good way to focus this reflection and update is to go to the positive subject of my own father, whose birthday is this coming Tuesday, June 11, 2013. Sadly, I will be celebrating this birthday in spirit with my father, as he died 10/01/11 (there’s some numbers to work with, I’m chickenshit to do so at this time :)

My father was a professor of German language and literature, a farm boy from Depression Era South Dakota who made it. As he often said, “I am the American Dream!”. And while there was a certain irony to that statement, given that Dad served in the military post WWII, and then harbored Vietnam draft dodgers in our basement when I was growing up in the Republic of Boulder (six square miles surrounded by reality!), it was/is a true story. He was the BEST of the American Dream.

My father was a passionate lover of music, and later in his life became a serious music critic, starting by writing for local publications, but eventually flying all around the world to write articles about all kinds of musical events. And the gift my father gave me from the time I was a child was the constant desire and pursuit of knowledge, of understanding of new concepts, things, music, ways of life, you name it. As a child my father took me to plays, concerts, museums, lectures. Yes, we heard a lot of classical music! Who brought home the latest Beatles album for his son? My Dad. Or how about the Mariachi Mass with blind Mexican musicians who could rob you of your own sight with their amazing music (long before it was hip to dig world music or any of that). I will never EVER forget the African dance and music troupe I witnessed. And to bring this full circle, I don’t remember the name of the new music group from Vienna that specialized in Schoenberg, but after a performance of Pierrot Lunaire in Boulder, the entire group came to our house in Boulder and partied HARD until the wee wee hours (thanks Eric Clapton). I was really only a kid, maybe 7 or 8 years old (and totally in love with an Austrian blond bombshell in the group, but this stuff was how I grew up, I thought 12 tone and all kinds of weird shit was ultra cool.

If there is a heaven, I hope my Dad can check out TM513. He would be immensely interested, he would have wanted to interview Markus for hours, and he would have loved every moment of it here on earth. Ten days after my father died, I heard and saw Markus for the first time with Stick Men. It was Nikki’s first concert (she’s a classical musician, but loved it!). After that concert in Boulder, I friended Markus on Facebook, and the rest is history, or is that His Story, as Sun Ra says :)

For those of you who have helped us, thank you SO MUCH. If you haven’t heard Markus’ music yet, check it out. And then help support us, because this has been a wonderful, but expensive adventure. I’m grateful for all of it, the music, the people, the community, the process. It’s really quite amazing. You should support TM513 because it IS about humanity, and we are in danger of losing our humanity. Markus and I and all the beautiful people that are a part of this world wide community want humanity to survive, because ultimately as artists, that is what we are: humanists!


Be there, or be square, dude!


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Countdown (6): MP3 of 2nd movement from the world premiere

Hi pledgers,

Not much to report, but as promised here you are an mp3 of the 2nd movement from the premiere performance. [Edit: mp3 available to Pledgers at]

Enjoy and stay in touch!

p.s. I was hoping we could raise some more money during these last days of the campaign, but it seems totally dead. That’s fine, just totally different from the campaign I ran with Stick Men, for example. Still learning a lot about this…


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Countdown (7): Data transfer, making lists, mixes

Hi there,

Another quick update:

Thomas and I caught up on the phone yesterday. Gusty is in the process of creating a stereo mix of the recording session version. I’m still passing data on to Robert Rich and will soon start to prepare files for David Torn to record his part against (he’s going to double the flügelhorn part on guitar).

The promo CD is at the duplication plant and we’ve started to make a list of people from the classical/orchestra world that we think should learn about the piece. If you have any suggestions for conductors, composers, critics, bloggers, journalists, DJs, etc. please send an email to Thanks!

The next update will include an mp3 of the 2nd movement from the premiere performance.

More in 3 days…


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Countdown (8): Promo CD cover

Hi there,

Just a quick update today.

There was a little mistake in the multitrack files of the recording session version, so we’ve fixed that. Once the corrected files are here with me (later today) I will pass them on to Robert Rich for 5.1 mixing.

We have also started with the fulfillment side of the pledge campaign. The 5.1 version of the original has been passed on to the respective pledgers. Next will be those who ordered a PDF of the score.

And as promised, below you can see the front cover of the simple promo CD we’re having pressed of the live version.

That’s it for now. Please be in touch. It’s been awfully quiet here. :-)



TM513 for Orchestra – Promo CD cover by Ritxi Ostariz

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Countdown (9): Progress update

Hi friends,

Here is what’s been going on this weekend:

1) The live performance recording from April 18th has been mastered by Alexander Jöchtl, the former chief sound engineer of the Salzburger Festspiele, and it sounds great. This recording was originally meant for archival purposes only and I’m happy it’s come out so good. Can’t wait to share it with you.

2) Designer Ritxi Ostariz has made a couple of cover design suggestions for the Promo CD release. I’m going to show the final version to you in the next pledger update.

3) Thomas and Gusty have edited the recording session version. This is what Thomas wrote to me last night: “Our work went well today. We stitched together a complete version of TM513, tempos are so consistent that there were no problems, and the recording session version is only 20 seconds different in length from the concert. Pretty awesome for a one hour piece. Gusty is going to mix this week, and then we will get together and fine tune it, hopefully by the weekend.”

4) Cinematographer Jack Casadone has sent a short video in which he interviewed me on the way to the 2nd rehearsal. I was very nervous… Check it out below.

That’s it for now. Please keep sharing the pledge campaign link as well as the video excerpt from the performance. I’ll repost the links below so you can copy and paste.

More in 3 days… Thanks!


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