Countdown (7): Data transfer, making lists, mixes

Hi there,

Another quick update:

Thomas and I caught up on the phone yesterday. Gusty is in the process of creating a stereo mix of the recording session version. I’m still passing data on to Robert Rich and will soon start to prepare files for David Torn to record his part against (he’s going to double the flügelhorn part on guitar).

The promo CD is at the duplication plant and we’ve started to make a list of people from the classical/orchestra world that we think should learn about the piece. If you have any suggestions for conductors, composers, critics, bloggers, journalists, DJs, etc. please send an email to Thanks!

The next update will include an mp3 of the 2nd movement from the premiere performance.

More in 3 days…


[This was first posted on our PledgeMusic campaign site on June 1, 2013 - Tobias]