Countdown (9): Progress update

Hi friends,

Here is what’s been going on this weekend:

1) The live performance recording from April 18th has been mastered by Alexander Jöchtl, the former chief sound engineer of the Salzburger Festspiele, and it sounds great. This recording was originally meant for archival purposes only and I’m happy it’s come out so good. Can’t wait to share it with you.

2) Designer Ritxi Ostariz has made a couple of cover design suggestions for the Promo CD release. I’m going to show the final version to you in the next pledger update.

3) Thomas and Gusty have edited the recording session version. This is what Thomas wrote to me last night: “Our work went well today. We stitched together a complete version of TM513, tempos are so consistent that there were no problems, and the recording session version is only 20 seconds different in length from the concert. Pretty awesome for a one hour piece. Gusty is going to mix this week, and then we will get together and fine tune it, hopefully by the weekend.”

4) Cinematographer Jack Casadone has sent a short video in which he interviewed me on the way to the 2nd rehearsal. I was very nervous… Check it out below.

That’s it for now. Please keep sharing the pledge campaign link as well as the video excerpt from the performance. I’ll repost the links below so you can copy and paste.

More in 3 days… Thanks!


[This was first posted on our PledgeMusic campaign site on May 26, 2013 - Tobias]